Proofing & Timeline

Proofing & Timeline

Photo/Video Shoot → Soft-Proof → Invoice Sent → Invoice Paid → Editing → Hard-Proof → Finished Product


1 to 2 weeks after our session, I will share a private link that shares unedited versions of the photos that have entered the soft-proof phase. From these photos, you will choose which images you want edited as hard-proofs. Links to your soft-proofs will be available for a period of 60 days. After this time period, your link will expire and images may be purged from the database. 

A private gallery of your hard-proofs will be completed and posted on the Rare PM website within 5 weeks after invoice is paid in full AND you make your final selections for editing.

Photos will be in color and may contain some B&W images, at photographer’s discretion. I will notify you with the link and password required to access your hard-proofs.

Once you are notified, your online gallery will be available to view for 6 months. After this time period, your access to the gallery may expire and images may be removed from the website at the discretion of the website developer.


Videos do not enter a soft-proof phase. An invoice will be sent soon after our session and final production will begin within 1 to 2 weeks after invoice is paid in full. You will be notified of progress at reasonable intervals, throughout the making of the project. This can take up to 5 weeks, depending on my workload with other clients and the size of your project. Once your project is complete, private links to your video(s) will be shared in a gallery posted on the Rare PM website. Download links will be available for 6 months after you are notified.


*Soft-proof refers to photos have been inspected by me and are guaranteed to meet professional standards for image quality when edited. Soft-proofs are not print ready and only serve as a loose reference point for the structure, composition, and lighting of the final product.

*Hard-proof refers to photos from the soft-proof phase that have been edited and meet professional standards for image quality. Hard-proofs are the final product and are print ready.

*The proofing process is designed to give you the best possible product. The concept of image quality is complex and involves a number of factors such as lighting, composition and depth. These factors are complicated further when working with digital photographs. Since soft-proofs determine the overall image quality of the final product—which directly represents my work and the Rare PM brand—I typically don’t involve customers in this process. I will select as many photos as possible that are eligible to enter the soft-proof phase, but please keep in mind there is no guarantee on the minimum number of pictures that will make the cut. This has never happened, but in the event no photos are eligible for soft-proof, I will gladly refund your money. Most customers end up with several soft-proofs and often come back later to pay for editing on other images that they liked.

Lauren Holmes